Version 193

Bigger dreams in 2024, sleep tracking enhancements & more…

🥳 Welcome to 2024, dear folks! As you can see, our new year resolution is to be poetic about our vision to bring restful & calm sleep to one & all. The new year brings a positive energy for us at Alora, and we’re pumped for all the exciting things we have in store for you. Gear up, for this latest update contains..

🎊 2024 Homefeed Design

We were pretty psyched about the new year & the 365 restful nights we want to bring to you. Greet yourself with a cheery 2024-themed app design as you embark upon the first few rested nights of the year.

⏰ Smart Alarm

As a sleep app, we strongly believe that the wake-up experience is as important as the bedtime routine for our users. Do you often find yourself being bullied by your morning alarm clock, or find yourself in a state of complete disarray after waking up? Well, there’s science behind your alarm that can transform you from a groggy Garfield to a cheery Cheerio.

Introducing Smart Alarm – the science-backed way to gently nudge you into a state of calm. Here’s how it works:

  • Based on your wake-up time, the Smart Alarm is designed to wake you up with a gentle increase in volume and vibration patterns in three stages before your wake-up time.
  • Our selection of alarm sounds are carefully designed to ease you from a state of sleep to wakefulness.

Compared to traditional alarms, the Smart Alarm is a better, smarter way for your body to wake up and for your mind to ease into another bright day.

Ready to try? Navigate to your alarm settings and turn on ‘Smart Wakeup’ today!

That’s all for today! We wish you a great week ahead. Until next time.

Sleep Alora