Version 196

What’s New – Profile Section, Smart Alarm, New Year Resolutions & more..

I am crafted with hope at each year’s start,

A reflection of desires held in the heart.

Though sometimes I falter or go astray,

With perseverance, I light the way.

What am I?

🥳 So how are your New Year Resolutions looking so far? Jumping right into updates for the week..

Introducing the Smart Alarm

Our Smart Alarm is expertly crafted to wake you up smoothly, using a progressively increasing volume and unique vibration patterns in the minutes leading up to your set wake-up time.

  • The alarm tones we offer are specifically chosen to transition you gently from sleep to wakefulness, rather than the abrupt awakening of traditional alarms.
  • Experience a smarter, kinder way to greet the day, allowing both your body and mind to wake up refreshed and ready.
  • Eager to see the difference? Go to your alarm settings and activate ‘Smart Wakeup’ now.

Behold – an all new profile section

We’re fans of making Alora feel like home for you. We have a slew of enhancements incoming to make the profile tab feel like your bedtime character – be it a sleepy seagull or an overexcitable night owl!

  • Check exciting user stats such as sound plays, your Alora birth age & minutes spent sleeping peacefully within the profile tab. 
  • Stay on top of new updates? Check! Never miss exciting feature updates with the introduction of “New Features” under your profile. 
  • Access other options by navigating to the Settings icon on the top right corner of your profile. 

That’s all for today! We wish you a great week ahead. Until next time. 

Sleep Alora