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Time Zones and Sleep: Beating Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue

Jet lag always crushes the zeal to explore new places. During this, you go through the various dates that make you go crazy as though you desire to have a rewind button on them. However, do not worry because there are ways to handle jet lag and travel fatigue so that you can start your journey right away.

Synchronise Your Internal Clock

The body has a 24-hour internal clock. This is called the circadian rhythm, and this may not align well with the time you moved off. Hence, make slight adjustments to food intake and sleep patterns towards the desired schedule a day or two before the departure day. Initially, making these changes will probably make it easier for the body to smoothly adapt to an everyday routine.

Retain Hydration

stay hydrated

Jet lag has been known to be aggravated by dirty water. Drink water prior to, while flying and post flights. Avoid taking in too much alcohol and a lot of caffeine, as this may lead to dehydration. Opt for drinks that are rich in electrolytes, herbal teas or simply drink a lot of water to keep your body well-hydrated.

Use Sedatives Sparingly

sleeping pills

Taking sleeping pills or some other sleeping aid in order to get comfortable during a very long flight may seem tempting. Still, it is necessary to seek for the advice of a healthcare professional before one takes any medications. Many travellers use melatonin supplements to shift their body clocks accordingly, but one should see a doctor before using this preparation.

Adopt Natural Lighting

natural lighting

Also, consider using more natural lightning, which aids in resetting the body’s circadian rhythm. Head for outdoors any moment after early afternoon. Your body will read it as a signal that you need to wake up and remain active. However, turn off the lights in your bedroom at night because it will send a signal to your body saying that sleep is near.

Quick Naps Are Your Pals


A short nap of about 20-30 minutes can refresh you and not interfere with your sleeping later, whereas longer nap have made it harder to change to a new era.

Intentional Eating

eating habits

Watch your eating habits are while on travels. These could include fatty meats cooked with butter or oils and spicy foods like pepper or curry that may keep you awake if eaten at night. For dinner, opt for something small and easy to digest.

Establish a Relaxing, Sleeping Environment


Build the peace lounge. If you have to put an eye mask on to do the same as well, you can utilize and ensure that the temperature you prefer is right.

Allow Yourself Some Time


Adjusting to a new season requires patience. It is advisable not to plan for important meetings or activities immediately after arrival because this can take about 1-2 days.

Finally, Embrace the Adventure

However, world travellers do not have to let flight delays and travel fatigue wipe out their trips. These strategies will help mitigate the effects of jet lag and ensure that you enjoy your experiences once landed within the shortest possible time. However, keep in mind that a wee bit of foresight and self-care go a long way; make sure that travel does not become more exhausting than rejuvenating. Appreciate the adventure and have fun with everything new. Have a safe journey!

Finally, use Alora Sleep App as an additional tool that will help you fight off the side effects of post-travel sleep deprivation and jet lag. The app offers a complete package which helps you adjust your sleep schedule for convenient rest. The Alora Sleep App offers you custom sleeping recommendations as well as curated relaxing audio to help you easily adjust to different time zones during your tour. Enjoy safe travels with pleasant journeys.


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