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Top U.S. Cities for New Year’s Eve Fireworks Worth Staying Up For

With New Year fast approaching, cities throughout America are gearing up for a pyrotechnical battle. But what if we’re talking about an explosion that’ll leave your eyeballs singing show tunes and your chin on the floor? Yet, with so many contenders for the title of King of Fireworks, how to choose where best to watch it can perplex even a wise old owl when he’s let his hair down and has had too much fun. So, luckily for all the party animals out there, I’ve come to tell you where the most spangle-festive parties in this sequin-drenched land are going on!

1. New York City

Prepare to be dazzled by a giant apple descending (because it’s heavier than an infant elephant!) and millions of fireworks launched from barges on the river. It’s a kind of psychedelic disco inferno for the whole city, and the skyline shakes its mover. If you picture Times Square during a ticker tape parade with some Moulin Rouge-style can-can dancers there, then you’ve got the gist of it.

Do You Know?

Central Park is more chilled with live music and food vendors (don’t forget the blanket! It can get cold up there), while rooftop parties provide a great view down at New York like diamonds thrown onto concrete.

2. Las Vegas, NV

Hold on—Las Vegas is about to provide a spectacular fireworks show. Lighting up the city, there will be fireworks from many of the casinos on The Strip. Picture the Bellagio fountains mixed with Venetian gondolas, and a lot of blazing fireworks above an empty desert. That’s going to be exciting.

Recommended Experience

Stand on The Strip and let the vibrant environment inspire you. The High Roller Ferris Wheel also provides incredible perspectives of the fireworks. But don’t miss the Bellagio’s water show, right before they even start up—it will keep you enraptured for hours on end.

Did you know?

The Las Vegas fireworks are extremely large. They include more than 100,000 bursts. So huge and bright, it must impress even film director Michael Bay.

3. San Francisco, CA

Brace yourself for a skyful of colored fireworks over the world-famous Golden Gate. San Francisco shows off a graceful, breathtaking display with the city’s famous bridge as a backdrop. Visualize that The result is a mix of high-tech brains and bohemian sensibility amid spectacular lights in the sky.

Don’t miss it!

You get the clearest view from Embarcadero. Want a thrill? Maybe climb up to the lookout on top of some hill, or board a fireworks boat and get yourself an ice-cold perspective. Treasure Island combines wilderness with fireworks and is unmatched in terms of wide-view opportunities.

Cool details

The fireworks here are much more likely to be in unusual forms such as smiling faces and hearts, demonstrating the liveliness of San Francisco.

4. Washington, D.C.

This is the place to see history in a fresh light! The fireworks are purely majestic over the city. These burst over the National Mall, an ideal setting. Imagine the Washington Monument and the Capitol Dome lit up in myriad hues. They represent our nation’s journey.

You must see

The steps of the Lincoln Memorial provide great vistas. Alternatively, join in with the crowd along the National Mall for a complete experience. Those who prefer a quieter place can turn to the Virginia side of the Potomac River. It’s a great viewpoint too.

Did you know?

Classical American music is typically played in time with the D.C. fireworks, lending a special atmosphere to that spectacle as well.

5. Chicago, IL

The windy city is waiting for you to come. Get ready for a memorable night! A fireworks show over both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River is bound to make New Year’s Eve in Chicago a grand occasion. The city skyline adds another beautiful dimension to the whole show. 

Places to visit

Another place to go is Navy Pier, where screaming fireworks set off over Lake Michigan. You can take a river cruise to see it from the water or cross over for Millennium Park’s holiday activities.

Here’s an interesting detail

The Chicago fireworks are always accompanied by live musical accompaniment.

6. New Orleans, LA

Bring in the colorful ambiance of cultural New Orleans and its lively music. Then imagine the scene of New Year’s Eve–fireworks across both banks of the Mississippi River. Then think of nice music, dancing colors in the sky, and cool jazz tunes for spice.

A must-see

Take a look at the French Quarter, lush with vitality and history. Or you may want to take a steamboat and enjoy the river view. Another hot spot is the excitement and activity of Jackson Square.

An interesting byte

In the Crescent City, this is just one day of a larger event called NOLA New Year’s Eve. In addition to fireworks, it offers live performances and amazing gourmet snacks. At midnight it comes to a close with the falling of the fleur-de-lis.

7. Seattle, WA

You can also celebrate a Seattle New Year’s Eve. The main event comes at midnight with a spectacular fireworks show set off against the backdrop of Seattle’s skyline by the Space Needle. The sight of this high-design architecture set against the backdrop of natural scenery here sailed Puget Sound and surrounding mountains.

Highly recommended

The best views are in the Seattle Center, where there is also a Space Needle. To keep a bit out of the crowds, going to Kerry Park offers an excellent prospect. Need another idea? Secondly, make a trip around Lake Union by boat to get another look.

Interesting detail

The award-winning Space Needle fireworks are particularly noted for their latest technology. New lighting and digital effects are invariably eye-catching.

8. Boston, MA

Boston, here we come! Be a part of history. That’s where New Year’s Eve fireworks fly over Boston Harbor and celebrations are watery. So to me, the old architecture, combined with first-class water views and world-class fireworks make for prime Boston.

Places to go

Both the old Long Wharf and Harborwalk Harbor have excellent views. Want a family-friendly setting? In addition, First Night is performed in the early evening on the Boston Common. The choice couldn’t be better.

Here’s something interesting

First Night in Boston is the nation’s oldest festival of this kind. Activities, including ice sculpture, live music, and a big march are held at every spot visited by the train.

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