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For both beginners and experts, our collection features sleep meditations, affirmations, and calming breathwork to soothe your bedtime anxiety.


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FAQ: Fairies Answering Questions

Meditations on Alora are designed to help you feel calm, reduce anxiety, and unwind before bed. These tracks contain reflections, affirmations, breathwork, and guided meditations that can help you achieve a state of peace and relaxation.

Research has shown that as little as five minutes of meditation is effective in reducing general anxiety levels. A calm mind and lowered stress levels before bedtime contribute to a peaceful sleep without disruptions, and engaging in meditation tracks before bedtime can help you fall asleep and improve your overall sleep patterns.

Our meditation tracks are designed for anyone wishing to calm themselves, and every session includes instructions which make it easy for you to relax, irrespective of age or expertise level.

Absolutely! Our meditation tracks are meant to be used whenever you feel overwhelmed, and we recommend using Alora to meditate any time during the day, and before sleep as well. This can help you manage the burdens of the day and improve mindfulness immensely.

Meditation sessions on Alora vary in length, from a quick 5-minute guided meditation to a longer 60-minute meditation experience, which can be explored based on session duration, theme, and goals.

Accessing meditations on the Alora app is quite simple - as soon as you open the app, press the Meditations icon that appears on the Home page, and start exploring!