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Create a calming bedtime atmosphere with our collection of fantasy tales and timeless classics that will gently guide you to sleep


The Weaver


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Explore a vast range of guided meditations, affirmations, breath-work and reflections to calm your anxiety and embrace peacefulness

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Sleep Sounds

Discover a collection of sleep sounds, including ASMR, nature sounds, noises, binaural beats and lullabies, designed to lull your senses and make you sleep faster

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FAQ: Fairies Answering Questions

Sleep stories are narrations designed to help you fall asleep quickly - just as you would to a bedside tale. Sleep stories are suitable for users of all ages, and Alora contains a diverse collection of stories narrated in a calm and soothing manner. These stories are crafted to enhance your bedtime, improve your sleep quality, and unwind before bed.

Sleep stories provide relief from distracting thoughts, anxiety, and disturbed sleep through the introduction of an immersive experience. The imaginative nature of such stories replicates the feeling of a dream - and this helps improve your sleep experience.

There are multiple genres of sleep stories to choose from, including fantasy, inspirational, voyage, and classic tales. Explore sleep stories on our app to learn more!

Accessing sleep stories on the Alora app is quite simple - as soon as you open the app, press the Stories icon that appears on the Home page, and start exploring!