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Delve into with our collection of bedtime tales that include fantasy stories and classic tales, all crafted to guide you into restful sleep

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Explore a vast range of guided meditations, affirmations, breath-work and reflections to calm your anxiety and embrace peacefulness

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FAQ: Fairies Answering Questions

Sleep sounds are music tracks that are designed to help you fall asleep quickly. These sounds can mask generic background noise, which can help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Sleep sounds primarily work because of the rhythm and beats of the track and the nature of instruments used, which can slowly lull you into a state of relaxation. Often, colored noises (white noise/pink noise) have been observed to aid in sleep immensely. Additionally, sounds can also replicate familiar and safe sounds, which help you get comfortable and ready for bed.

Alora boasts a wide range of sleep sounds, ranging from relaxing lullabies and instrumental sounds to nature sounds, ambient music, and noises.

You can listen to sleep sounds on the app for as long as you are comfortable. However, just in case you’d like to end the soundtrack after a set time, a timer has been thoughtfully included in the track player which would automatically stop the track.

Accessing sleep sounds on the Alora app is quite simple - as soon as you open the app, press the Sounds icon that appears on the Home page, and start exploring! Make sure to adjust the volume according to your preferences, and let the soothing sounds guide you to sleep.